Getting Ready for Kindergarten...

My name is Sarah Newsome and I am privileged to be your child's teacher this year. This will be my 9th year teaching kindergarten, but my first at Seabreeze Elementary. You will see astounding progress in your child's skills and knowledge throughout the upcoming school year as they explore, learn to read, write, count, add & subtract and ultimately, begin to LOVE learning!


I ask that you assess your own child's learning to date. There are some minimum skills that he/she should come to kindergarten already knowing. These include:

  • being able to recognize and write his/her first name
  • recognizing most of the ABC's (upper and lower case) and some phonetic sounds
  • recognizing colors, shapes and numbers through 10
  • knowing (and answering to) his/her full name
  • knowing how to tie his/her shoes

If your child does not know these basic skills, please work with them prior to entering kindergarten (or at the very beginning of the school year) so that they do not fall behind later in the year. Please see the "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" flyer for more tips on preparing your child for school. 

You are your child's first and most impressive teacher. The more you become involved in what your child is learning at school, the more motivated your child will be to learn, retain information and succeed in school.  I look forward to being partners in your child's education this year.

Please review the ABCs of Kindergarten packet for beginning of the year information and answers to many frequently asked questions. I also use the CHAMPs behavior model, which provides expectations for every part of the day. For the last 3 years, kindergarten has implemented the Common Core standards. If you would like, I have provided "I Can" standards that are phrased for simpler understanding (these are the same as our standards, only worded in kid-friendly language). These can be downloaded and used as a checklist for parents to gauge their child's progress! For more information on Common Core, please check out I'm also providing a digital copy of my Behavior Management Systems (rewards and consequences). This system is fluid - it allows for mistakes and corrections! This is a new "school-wide" behavior system. Every classroom, grades K-5 uses it!