Lunch requests for the field trip are due by April 17th.  We will be going to Diamond D Horse Ranch on May 15th.  Student cost is $11 and parent cost is $10.  Permission slips and money are due on April 22.


NO School on  Friday April 18th.



Counting aloud 0 to 100.

Writing numbers 0 to 50 from memory.

Addition and subtraction to 10.  And 11 to 19.




 Language Arts

Expectations for this nine weeks are for students to know all capital and lower case letters, including all sounds.  Students should be able to write all letters without prompting.


Sight Words!!!


Fry’s First 100 Words



 in  or  she  him  called


 is  one  do  into  who
 the  at  there some  my


 of  be  use her  than


 and  this an  would  first


 a  have  each make  water


 to  from  which  like  been


 you had  how  time  am


 that  by  their  has  its


 it  words  if  look  now


the  but  will  two  find


 was  not  up  more  long


 for  what  other write  down


 on  all  about  go day


 are  were  out  see  did


 as  we  many number  get


 with when then  no  come


 his  your  them . way  made


 they  can  these  could  may


. I  said  so  people  part