Hollywood BINDER


Third grade is about growing up and taking responsibility for behavior and to always be prepared in class. This responsibility includes completing homework in a timely fashion AND turning it in. By working together, our third graders will learn this important habit. We’ll use special homework folders this year which will teach your child organizational skills and home provide communication between home and school.

The folder will go home every afternoon, and it should be returned every morning. The folder contains the following items:

  • Notes to and from school and home
  • Test Study Guides
  • Morning Work
  • Assignments
  • Information from the school
  • Reading Log
  • Planner

Please look through the notebook carefully, check out all the components and read all the corresponding directions.

Please help your third grader find a safe place to keep this folder at home (perhaps in a schoolbag located near the door so it is easily rememberd in the morning). Help him/her become responsible be bringing it to school everyday.



  • Take good care of your Binder- we will be using it all year long
  • Take your binder home every day and bring it back to school the next morning
  • Show your parents your binder every night and go over any homework
  • Put your homework back inside your binder


  • Leave your  binder at home, in the car, or at a friends house
  • Get your  binder dirty; don’t eat or drink around your binder
  • Put extra papers in your  binder
  • Let someone borrow your binder