WELCOME to 7th Grade Science!

[This is the year you realize that you are a scientist and practice the skills that will make you a better one.]


Our first content unit covers Ecology--how energy transfers through ecosystems, how organisms interact, and what factors limit population growth. Please use the "Ecology Resources" link to the right to access any materials we use in class.


The next unit is Genetics and Heredity--how and why cells divide and how traits pass along from one generation to the next. Please use the "Genetics Resources" link to the right to access the materials we use in class.


Some important documents for your reference: 

  7th Grade Advanced Syllabus 2014-2015.doc

  Success Contract and Contact Information Request Science.docx

This year is about exploration. As such, physical and intellectual SAFETY are essential and will be protected carefully. Therefore: 

* Neither horseplay nor other off-task behavior will be tolerated.

* Neither unkindness nor laziness will be tolerated.

Please refer to your lab safety agreements to remember specific actions necessary in the lab.