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AP World Marble Dual Enrollment

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     AP World History

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Term Sheet:  Term Sheet blank.doc  

SPICE Document:  SPICE Worksheet.doc    


Must Know Dates:  APWH Must Know Dates.doc  


 World Regions Map for Notebook


Map Review  for Foundations 


Review Maps:  AP World History Reviews - Map Shots.pdf  


1st Nine Weeks

Lesson One: "Value of History"   Value of History.doc

Ch. 1 Optional assignment  Bulliet Ch 1.doc    


  SPICE Worksheet  SPICE Worksheet.doc  

Chs 1 & 2 Assignment  Bulliet Ch 2.doc    

Chs 1 & 2 Outline  Bulliet Chs 1 & 2 Bulliet ch 2 coursenotes (1).doc  


Guided reading Chs 2 & 3   AP World Ch 2-3 review.docx      


 Year End Cram Packets

Foundations -600 ce  Foundations Packet.pdf    


Key Concepts by Periodization

Foundations   KeyConceptsStudyGuidePeriod1Key.pdf     


2002 AP Exam   2002 AP Exam.ppt    


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National History Day: Building a Thesis:
Writting a Thesis, making an Argument  
 Indiana University site on Writing:
the 10 Commandments Suggestions:
AP Rubrics:
CCOT:  CCOT Rubric.pdf  
Compare and Contrast:  Compare_Contrast Rubric.pdf  
DBQ Football:  AP Success BTHS.ppt    

Dual Enrollment World History
Embry Riddle Application:  APP_Duval County2014-2015(1)(2).pdf  

 Year End Cram Packets

Foundations -600 ce  Foundations Packet.pdf  



Current Assignments 



1st Nine Weeks

Lesson One: "The Value of History"  Value of History.doc  


Ch. 7 Outline  Strayer Ch 7 outline.doc  


 World Travelers

 World Travelers Project  World Travelers Diaries.doc  


  Long Distance Trade Networks  long distance trade PPT.pptx      



WTTC Intro assignment:  WTTC Dual Enrollment assignment 1.doc  


Intro Documents  WTTC Intro Docs.docx    


WTTC Ch. 1 Assignment  WTTC assignment ch. 1.doc  

WTTC Ch. 1 Outline Format  WTTC Ch 1 outline format.docx  


Ch. 1 Documents  WTTC Ch. 1 pages 3.17.docx  






Forms of Imperialism 


New Imperialism 


Imperial Control

Class Expectations:  Class Expectations.doc  


Course Outline:  Ways of the World_ Course Outline..doc  


SPICE Chart:  SPICE Worksheet.doc          
Term Sheet:   Term Sheet blank.doc  
Must Know Dates:  Must_Know_Dates.pdf  
Review maps:  AP World History Reviews - Map Shots.pdf        



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