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AP World MarbleDual Enrollment

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Class Expectations:   Class Expectations.doc



Each Chapter in PDF Format:



     AP World History

Textbook site: http://college.cengage.com/history/world/bulliet/earth_peoples/3e/students/index.html 


Term Sheet:  Term Sheet blank(2).doc     

SPICE Document:  SPICE Worksheet.doc    


Must Know Dates:  APWH Must Know Dates.doc  


 World Regions Map for Notebookhttp://apworld.mrsburnside.org/images/maps/APregionsMap.jpg


Map Review  for Foundations



Review Maps:  AP World History Reviews - Map Shots.pdf  


2nd Nine Weeks

  SPICE Worksheet  SPICE Worksheet.doc    


 Ch. 10 Outline  Bulliet Ch 10 coursenotes.doc         


 Ch. 11 Outline Bulliet Ch 11 coursenotes.doc  



Pre-Columbian America  Pre-ColumbianHistory.ppt    


Ch. 12 Outline  Bulliet ch 12 coursenotes.doc  


Ch. 12 B Team Workout  Bulliet 12 B Team Workout (Mongol Eurasia and Its Aftermath (1200 - 1500).doc  

Genghis Khan  Genghis Khan.ppt    


Ch. 13 Outline  Bulliet ch 13 coursenotes(2).doc  


Ch. 13 B Team Workout  Bulliet ch 13 Guided Reading (Tropical Africa and Asia 1200 - 1500).doc

Map for B team  Bulliet ch 13 Africa and SW Asia outline map.pdf      




 Year End Cram Packets

Foundations -600 ce (long) Foundations Packet.pdf   

600-1450 (short)  600-1450.doc  

600-1450 ce (long)  600-1450 Packet.pdf 

1450-1750 ce (short)  1450-1750.doc   

1450-1750 (long)  1450-1750 Packet.pdf    


Key Concepts by Periodization

Foundations   KeyConceptsStudyGuidePeriod1Key.pdf     


2002 AP Exam   2002 AP Exam.ppt    


Essay Writing Toolbox Toolbox gif


National History Day: Building a Thesis:
Writting a Thesis, making an Argument  
 Indiana University site on Writing:
the 10 Commandments Suggestions:

Manchester DBQ  euro_hist_frq_02.pdf
Print paged 2-7 only 

Thanksgiving Assignment  Thanksgiving Flowers Underfoot is.doc  

Word of the Day  
WoD list 2  WoD Quiz 2 list.doc    

                  Dual Enrollment World History 


Current Assignments 


Term Sheet  Term Sheet blank(2).doc   

2nd Nine Weeks

Ch 11 Outline  Strayer Ch 11 outline.doc  

PPT Genghis Khan  Genghis Khan.ppt    


Ch 12 Outline  Strayer Ch 12 outline.doc  


Ch 13 Outline  Strayer Ch 13 outline.doc    

  World That Trade Created   


WTTC Ch. 4 Assignment  WTTC Assignment Ch. 4.doc          





Class Expectations:  Class Expectations.doc  


Course Outline:  Ways of the World_ Course Outline..doc  


SPICE Chart:  SPICE Worksheet.doc          
Term Sheet:   Term Sheet blank.doc  
Must Know Dates:  Must_Know_Dates.pdf  
Review maps:  AP World History Reviews - Map Shots.pdf        



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