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FCAT starts Monday, 4/14! EAT, SLEEP and ReLaX!







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Ming the Oldest Living Animal! 








Preparing for our Girls on the Run Practice 5K (Mrs. Saint-Hilair, Mrs. Register, Alyssa Weaver, Ryan Fauntleroy, Elizabeth Hranek & Paulina Montenez)



"Wonder Women": Mrs. Saint-Hilaire, Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Register & Mrs. Watkins-May


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Go to http://students.duvalschool.org


"Mrs. Register, What is my grade? What am I missing?"


>>Go to dcps.myportal.com

Use username/password to access online grade portal!!!


 Mrs. Register's 1A class preparing our door for the Recyling Contest! 





3-ring binder

1 spiral notebook

Pen or pencils

Colored pencils

School Planner


Link to the Online textbook: www-k6.thinkcentral.com


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STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Duval County Public Schools, Jax,FL 32207

SCHOOL: Twin Lakes Academy Middle School, Jax, FL 32256

USERNAME: registerc2



Select: Resources--> Science Fusion English Student Access 7th grade


Resources-->Science Fusion English Student Access 8th grade



Science Fair: Please see below for important dates and websites to help with NEFRSEF!


www.nefrsef.org  (Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair)